We Need Your Help

Less than $10 per month for a high-quality Christian education

A child who attends a New Life Ministry Christian School will almost certainly enjoy a lifetime of knowing and loving God.  We will affect their eternal destiny.  And the cost is less than $10 a month per student.

What is required to operate a new school?

We find pastors or their wives as teachers in our schools.  The school meets in the church with no cost for the building.  Thus, the cost to operate the school is minimal.

We pay the teacher $100 USD salary.  And we need about that much more for supplies, etc, monthly.  So, for $200 a month you could be the sponsor of a school providing daily Christian training to 20-25 children.

  To start a school we simply need an on-going commitment from a church, company, or individual to provide $200 of support each month.  New Life Ministry is a registered ministry organization in Bangldesh.

New Life Ministry Christian School #1
NewLife Ministry Christian School #2
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